Friday, March 2, 2012

Orgullo Galego

I know what you´re thinking. This girl can´t make up her mind as to what language to use in her posts. Indeed you´re right, but only up until "what". Today I have decided to write a special post. Because today, in fact, yesterday before falling asleep, I realised I´d never had the chance to express my gratitude. So now, keyboard in hand, I shall proceed to honour a man who changed my life before I was even born.

This gentleman is my grandfather, Pepe, who just turned 90, but whose spirit and desire to keep on learning could easily beat that of a high school nerd. I guess, now that the introduction is on the table, or rather, the screen, it´s time for me to explain what this fuss is all about.

Pepe, José, El Galleguiño, or simply Abuelo is the breathing example of that Spanish saying " Lo bueno siempre viene en frascos pequeños". Born and raised in the solitude of the fields in Candai, he soon realised his potential was too big to be an exclusive treasure of his cows, so before his neighbours had time to get his hopes down, he fled to college.

There, not only would he feed from books and lectures, but he would also fall into the claws of an equally brilliant intellect, that of his wife to be, Lola. And so, time went by, and El Galleguiño, like a more tanned version of El Quijote, fought tooth and nail to bring down the walls of prejudice and jealousy he encountered along his way.

He walked down the road less travelled, picking up gems along the way, that would turn his world and that of those around him upside down. Pepe then discovered spirituality, the mother gem, and bought a one way ticket to the land of ॐ. Carrying a light backpack, he made his way through pebbled alleyways, collecting pieces of truth along the journey.

With a will and sacrifice only reserved to the most select creatures, he made history, and was so good at it, he made it in a silent, almost imperceptible way. So now, here I am, in my early twenties, trying to bring down my own barriers, only now, it´s easier, because I´m carrying the most powerful weapon known to humankind, herdanza.

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  1. Thanks Pepe! Thanks "Profesor"! I'd like some day climb the spiritual ladder and follow your path. Your example is my motto "I will not to claim to improve or to discipline anyone except me".