Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Spanish young adults choose to be future losers

Through my short existence living in Spain, I have come across youngsters from different sizes, colours and backgrounds who all shared a common trait. This being the desperate longing to fail. I know this might sound very matter-of-factly, but let me proceed. 

It seems like it´s politically incorrect, or culturally wrong to publicly acknowledge one´s own dreams, because we might come across as arrogant brats, and what´s even more troublesome, we´ll have to deal with the pressure of having to achieve that which we long for and aspire to obtain. 

So, instead of proudly announcing our inner ambitions ; " I want to be a successful stock market broker", we choose to remain silent, look towards the floor and utter some silly expression like ; " It must be really cool to be a stock market broker, but it´s extremely difficult, you have to be crazy to try and become one".

NO! Stop lying! you know you want to be a stock market broker, so why not admit it, why not proudly shout that out loud. The first step to success in love, work and life as a whole starts by openly admitting what your dreams are all about. 

Only then will they sink in, and help you realise there´s nothing in this life which cannot be achieved if one is convinced. So, go out, gather with some friends, and share your ambitions with them. See how that little flame of hunger to succeed becomes a raging fire as you start to believe in your dreams.

If gays can be out, proud and loud, so can stock market broker wannabes!!

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  1. Congratulations for the post. I absolutely agree with you. Fear of living and dreaming is the rooth of the main problems of humankind